Needle Felting Needles – Pack of 2 or 3


Needle Felting Needles – Pack of 2 or 3

Needle felting needles 38 gauge star felting needle (red tip) and 20 gauge reverse felting needle (orange tip). Pack of 2 or pack of 3 mixed sizes.

Needle felting needles range from a size 19 to 42 depending on the type of needle felting you are doing will decide what needle you need to use.  Our blog explains the needle sizes in more detail.

We stock the needle sizes we use in our kits as they are quality all round needles and ideal for our kit range.

Triangular felting needles  have barbs on 3 sides. The 38 gauge triangular felting needle (green tip) is  good all rounder needle. It is good for doing bulk work and adding some detail. Good for sculpting with but not so good for course fibres.

Star Felting Needles have barbs on 4 sides.  The 38 gauge star felting needle (red tip) This needle is good for slightly finer work and finer wools. This is a great all round needle which works well for finishing your work.

20 gauge reverse felting needle (orange tip). The barbs on these needle go the other way, pulling the fibres out rather than pushing them in. This is useful to create a fluffy finish on a well felted piece.

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Weight 20 g
Needle sizes

38 triangular, 20 reverse, 38 star, Pack of 3 mixed