Our Needle Felting Kits

Our needle felting kits here at black dog & ginger cat, we design needle felting kits for absolute complete beginners through to those looking for lots of challenge.  We arrange these in stages to help you find the right kit for your level of felting.

The kits for complete beginners fall into two categories:
Stage 1 – SUPER SIMPLE – for nervous beginners.  
Stage 2 – BEGINNERS – perfect for anyone. These are for really learning how needlefelting works and how you can work the wool so that it becomes a wonderful, sculptural medium.
Then, as you begin to learn and want to try something a bit more complicated, we have designed:
Stage 3 – CHALLENGING – there are designed to improve your needlefelting skills, encouraging you to focus on sculptural form and more complex colour layering. They are for people who have had a bit of experience and now want to push themselves further. You could try these as a beginner but you might find them a bit frustrating and I would hate for that to happen.
Then finally, at the top of our LADDER OF LEARNING, we have:
Stage 4 – ‘OH SO VERY CHALLENGING’. These are really NOT for beginners. They are for people who understand well how needle felting works and how the wool responds.

Stages of learning
Stages of learning by Black Dog and Ginger Cat