Curls completed

Making curls using Blue Faced Leicester Lightening White wool

Making curls for a Christmas fairy. It’s not too late to make a Christmas fairy topper. Why not make your own curls using this fabulous Blue Faced Leicester lightening white. A beautiful soft wool ideal for making curls.

Blue Faced Leicester wool. It has a good lustre, it is long an average length of 80-90mm. It is classed a fine wool of 26 Microns. It is a speciality rare British sheep breed.

This wool in lightening white was used to make curls for a project I am doing.

Blue Faced Leicester white lightening
White Lightening

How to make the curls

You will need wool, wooden skewers, rectangular bowl the length of the skewers and paper towel


  1. Separate the wool into about 3- 4mm width strips and about the length of 1 ½ lengths of your skewer.
  2. Hold your strand of wool. Start from one end and wrap the wool around as neatly and tightly as you can.
  3. Once you have finished secure the ends by wrapping them tightly over the top of the others
  4. Using this same method until you have the right amount for your project. I needed 8 -10 for the hair for my project.
  5. Now fill the rectangular bowl with enough water to cover the skewers.
  6. Soak the skewers in the water for a few minutes until the water soaks into the wool.
  7. Now place on kitchen paper towels to dry overnight or alternatively put in an oven to dry at a very low heat or a radiator.
  8. Once dry the wool should easily slip off the skewer.

NB you can use a knitting needle as alternative to skewers