Making bird legs

Armatures for needle felted birds

If you are not hanging your birds as a decoration you may want to finish your birds with legs we have a free step by step guide the link is at the bottom of this blog.

There are many ways you can make legs with clay or a wire armature, paper covered florist wire or pipe cleaners. You can use this same method shown below for both armature wire, pipe cleaners or paper covered florist wire.

Types of Armatures that can be used for needle felting

In our kits we tend to use wire for the antlers for both the reindeers and sheep. Also a wire armature is used for the squirrel tail.

Reindeers using wire armatures

We are now stocking cotton pipe cleaners in packs of 10 or 10 metre unbleached coils.

I have used cotton covered pipe cleaners as an alternative to birds legs. These of course once made can be covered with wool, or you could use florist tape. To find out how this was done download your free copy here.

Cotton Pipe Cleaners ideal for Armatures – Pack of 10

Making birds legs

Measuring for the birds leg using a cotton pipe cleaner. This is the blue tit bird felting kit.