Core Wool natural sheep wool


Core Wool natural sheep wool is a blended carded mix of washed fleece wool it is ideal to use in 3D needle felting.  If you want to make a bigger project then using core wool is ideal forming  the basic shape of an animal before adding wool tops.

Available in 50g.

The fibres of our core wool which are stringy and lumpy are chosen to give a good core shape.  Once felted it becomes solid but retains a degree of “bounce”, so soft to the touch when finished. If a stiffer shape is required then you can simply continue working it with your felting needle and it will gradually become firmer and firmer.

As this is a natural sheep’s wool it has been washed to remove the grease/lanolin from the fibre and allowing it to be felted. As a core wool it only has this washing process, and so may still smell quite woolly and retain natural debris like a small amount of vegetable matter.

Top tip as core wool is lumpy and  stringy you could stuff the core wool into nylon tights to make a body for your projects.

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Weight 100 g


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