Carded Shetland Wool Batt


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Carded Shetland Wool Batts in natural white  is perfect for Needle Felting 3D sculptures, slippers, bags and hats.  Available in 200g batts

Also can be used for wet felting and spinning.

If you want to make a bigger project then using carded Shetland batts are  ideal for forming the basic shape of an animal before adding wool tops.

The fibres of our carded Shetland wool  are chosen to give a good core shape.  Once felted it becomes solid but retains a degree of “bounce”, so soft to the touch when finished. If a stiffer shape is required then you can simply continue working it with your felting needle and it will gradually become firmer and firmer.

As this is a natural sheep’s wool it has been washed to remove the grease/lanolin from the fibre and allowing it to be felted. As this is a natural  product a small amount of vegetable matter may be present.

It is 29 – 31 Microns it will give a robust felt. Thickness 2 -4 cm.

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Weight 200 g